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Things To Consider Upon Giving Bones To Your Dog As Treats

by Albert John March 12, 2018

Things To Consider Upon Giving Bones To Your Dog As Treats

1.)Size does matter.

Guarantee that you choose the bone treat that has an appropriate size for your dog. Bone treats must be much larger compared to the size of your dog’s dog pipes, which is also known as esophagus. Thus, there’s no way your dog can entirely swallow it. Once you think that the bone treat seem too small, give him the next size larger to it.


2.) Do not place this ring on it.

Consider potential for a segment of a long bone, such as hollow down the center bone treats, to get jammed over your dog’s lower jaw upon looking at length and size.


3.) The bone needs a break.

Bone treats must be constantly tracked for fracturing, splintering or excess wear. Once your dog’s bone treat’s integrity is compromised, discard it immediately. Your puppy must never be left for a long span of time chewing on a bone unattended. Also, if you see blood on its bone treat, immediately remove it and try to consult your vet if it is not only due to excessive chewing. Take note that one of the most typical health problems that can be seen in dogs is dental disease. And bleeding gums can be an indicator of dental disease.


4.) “It’s too good, but my tummy hurts.”

Once your dog has a food sensitivity or GI system sensitivity, you must consult with your vet right away before giving your pet bone treats since other bone treats contains additives or flavoring that might cause flare-ups for sensitive tummies.

Albert John
Albert John

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