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The Right Leash For Your Dog

by Albert John July 26, 2017

The Right Leash For Your Dog

There are many leashes that you could use for you dog. The kind of leash that you should get will vary depending on the kind of dog that you have. This article is made for you to decide the perfect leash for your furry best friend! Below are different kinds of leash that are sold in the market for your dog:

Retractable Leash: These kinds of leash could be extended up to twenty five feet or more depending on the brand or model and these are controlled through a handle made of plastic or similar materials but it would allow you to be in control of the length of the leash, this is also used in retracting the leash closer to you. You should be careful if you use this since this might be uncomfortable for your pet since they would feel this as choking.

Chain Leash: If you have a dog who likes to chew different things then you should get a chain leash because they would not be able to tear this no matter how often would they chew this. There are also small versions of chains for smaller dogs but to those big dogs that are in need of a sturdy leash then this one is for them.

Multiple Leashes: This could be useful to you if you have a lot of dogs since this will allow you to stroll in the park with your dogs. This would allow your walk with them easier than having one leash for each of them.

Adjustable Leash: This is commonly made of nylon or leather and you would be able to adjust this according to the length that you find suitable for you and for your dog. This is very useful for pet owners since there is a very low possibility of choking for your dogs.

Albert John
Albert John

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