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Stopping Dog Fleas & Ticks

by Sarene Maev Butao August 19, 2019

Stopping Dog Fleas & Ticks

Getting Rid of Dog Fleas and Ticks

Just like humans, dogs are also victims of parasites that do harm on our beloved pet’s overall health. These parasites include dog fleas and ticks that can be a real nuisance especially during the spring and summer months. Aside from being ugly to look at, removing them requires you to get up close and personal with the flea or tick since they are extremely difficult to dislodge, not to mention harmful to your dog. When left too long and not removed successfully, fleas and ticks can lead to serious diseases which are not what we want as dog owners. 

Dogs can get fleas and ticks from their fellow animals that have been infested. These include pets like cats and dogs, and even wild animals like raccoons and opossums. Female fleas lay their eggs and when it gets rained down your yard; they develop into adult fleas and will immediately cling to any healthy host. 

Thankfully there are several ways of getting rid of dog fleas and ticks from our pups and mutts. These methods not only help in removing fleas or ticks, but also prevent them from coming back and causing any additional harm. Here are some ideas for you to try:

  1. Shampoos

Dog fleas and ticks live on the dog’s skin right? And what is one way of cleaning our dog’s skin? Bathing! Some dog shampoos nowadays contain medicated ingredients that aids in the removal of dog fleas and ticks and making sure that they do not come back. These shampoos are designed to kill fleas and ticks on contact and can be an inexpensive way of removing them from your dog. Just make sure to continuously use the product to make sure that those pesky parasites never find home in your dog’s fur ever again. 

  1. Spot-On Treatment

Spot-on medication for ticks can be bought over the counter at any pet store or veterinarian. This is a really effective method for not only getting rid of dog fleas and ticks but also for controlling them. Unlike medicated shampoos, spot-on treatment lasts longer and does not need as much application as needed. However, dog owners should be mindful of which spot-on treatment to use. Consult with your veterinarian and ask for advice before application. 

  1. Oral Medications

Aside from spot-on treatments, oral medications are also used to control dog fleas and ticks. As the name suggests, these medicines are taken orally by the dog and works by disrupting the life cycle of both ticks and fleas, therefore killing and removing them from your dog’s fur. These are easy to give to your dog and is safe around your house since you don’t leave them lying around. 

Other method of removing ticks and fleas from your dog is through the use of special powders, collars, sprays, and dips. Just remember that dogs get fleas and ticks from the environment. Make sure to clean your yard and home from fleas to assure that they will not be returning any time soon to harm your pooch. Check out our dog chew bone toys.

Sarene Maev Butao
Sarene Maev Butao

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