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Snobbish Is The New Cute: My Lovely Cat Behavior

by Albert John September 27, 2017

Snobbish Is The New Cute: My Lovely Cat Behavior

After all these years, we have been in the cast of these cats’ spells towards us, bringing us to their never-ending cuteness. We have been inside that infatuation and fondness for cats even if we end up being unrequited. Why is this so?

Perhaps you have never seen a cat if you did not even notice how they treat humans. Well, if you don’t call that being snob as savage then you are pretty well disoriented about them. They are just natural snob. You pet them, they ignore you. You feed them, they notice you. And if you force them to be sweet with you, they might just give that pretty face a bit of an art: drawing. Quite sad, but however, challenging. Cat behavior is normally classified as a combination of sweet and indifferent. Their ignorance gives us more will to pet them and get close to them. How are we going to do that? We have to know their top common behaviors, as listed below, so we know how to deal with them.

Cat behaviors is explained here:

They walk past you.

You know your pet cat is ignoring you when he walks past you. They see you but they just don’t care. Doesn’t that hurt when a cat behavior starts from walking past you? It is more like you don’t exist. However, you can give them that space because it is important to give them that, knowing that they are originally a family of wild animals. You can’t blame them if they don’t want to pull their legs for you. Just give them that space. You can also do a routine by giving them incentives that they want. Just make sure you are pulling off the right incentive for them. This will be easier for you to get close to them.

They ignore you even when you are near.

If you are not sure about whether or not they are mad at you or something, then better do a bit of effort. Maybe your cat behavior comes from your behavior as well. If you did not make a routine for your pet to get used to, he really won’t be able to get close to you even when you are near. Know how much space he needs and then make a move.

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Albert John
Albert John

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