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Simple Ways To Deal With Cat Scratch

by Albert John May 15, 2017

Simple Ways To Deal With Cat Scratch

Have you received a Cat Scratch just now or are you afraid to receive one from your newly acquired pet cat?

              Don’t worry, cat scratch can be dealt with easily, and it doesn’t mean that your cat is aggressive or harmful. It is simply normal and it is in their nature to scratch, it is completely reasonable for any animal to scratch if you accidentally stepped on them, or it may be a form of love or cute aggression coming from your lovable cats.

               If, however, you receive them, here are the simple ways to deal with Cat Scratch.

             The first thing to do is clean the area of the scratch, place the contact area into running water and then clean it with soap. Rinse the soap well and then dry the area with a clean piece of cloth. If the scratch is slightly deep and it is bleeding, use the cloth to apply pressure until the bleeding stops.

            After it has dried, apply over the counter remedies like antibiotic ointments. This will serve as your first line of treatment that would protect you from further infection.

Another option is ointments that contain Vitamin A, D, or E. Vitamin A will serve and helps inflammatory response, Vitamin D promotes the healing of the wound, and Vitamin E is known to be an antioxidant and will help the wound ease.

If, however, you don’t have any budget in the meantime or it is too hassle to purchase these over the counter remedies, another alternative for you is Honey. Honey is very good for healing wounds and is used all over the world as a natural solution. It also keeps the wound moisturized and prevents scarring minimally.

Those are the simple ways on how to deal with a Cat Scratch, pretty easy, isn’t it? A Cat Scratch is a very small price to pay compared to the love that cats can give us, and you’re going to get used to it anyway.

Albert John
Albert John

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