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Simple Pet Games You Can Do With Your Dog

by Albert John August 01, 2019

Simple Pet Games You Can Do With Your Dog

You buy your pets toys, but is it enough for him to get all the fun? Toys are awesome and it helps a lot for your pet to develop skills, but if you want to be involved in the fun and bond with your pet, I will share with you the popular pet games you can do with them.

Hide and Seek

If your dog knows how to stay, then this game will be fun and easier for you! To effectively play this one, ask for a human assistance to keep your pet stay still while you look for a place to hide. This is an awesome pet game because you can do it indoor and it's awesome. Let him look for you around the house while you hide behind the couch.

Great games to play with your lovable dog:

Finding Treats

Well, dogs love treats so much that they're going to do basically anything to get one. To play this pet game, you can use treats or bits of kibble. Hide these treats around the house. If it's your first time playing this with your dog, you can get him used to the idea by placing the treats in plain sight until you hide them. They can actually develop their excellent sniffing ability in this game. Isn't it fun and awesome?

The Which Hand Game

To improve your pet's nose work, you can place dog treat in one of your hands. Hold your hands towards your dog and have him pick which hand has the treat. If his initial reaction is claw at your hands, you can practice impulse control. This is a great and fun game where your dog sniffs the hand which has the treats.

Catch some mice with your cat!

The 3 Cup Game

This is another nose work starter pet game you can do with your dog. Get 3 cups and line them up in front of your pet. This is like the previous game, but you're using the cups to hide the treat. Put the treat in one of the cups while your pet is watching. Signal him to choose the right cup. If he gets it right, give the treat to him. If he get used to this, make the game challenging by mixing all the cups.

Tug of War

If this pet game is correctly played, you and your pet will have a good time! If your pet has a good "leave it" or "drop it" command, then it will be easier for you. This game is like the tug of war we humans play. The question is, should you let your dog win? Of course! It will give them the impression that you're fun to play with and they will actually love to play even more! 

Those are the 5 simple pet games you can do with your pet. You can do it indoors and outdoors. The important thing is both of you will have fun doing your bonding moments. Games are important to make your pet-owner relationship. Have fun!

Yes! You can play with cats through screen too!

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Albert John
Albert John

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