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Signs Of Senior Dog Teeth Problems

by Albert John March 09, 2018

Signs Of Senior Dog Teeth Problems

Pooches have many things common with us. One of it is dental problems. As we age, we could develop dental issues, and dogs are similar. Possibilities are that a dog’s going to have several teeth issues in the future if it has not obtained proper dental care. Even pooches that got regular dental care could still have tooth problems in the future. Oftentimes, tooth loss is the result. This leaves a senior dog with lesser teeth. Here are several signs of dog teeth issues.

  • Bad Breath

Something is going on with its gums or teeth when your dog has bad breath. It might have a tooth or gum infection. Do not conceal it with breath mints. Take your dog to the veterinarian.

  • Trouble Eating

Oftentimes, pooches with mouth pain struggle eating. They might refuse to eat, drop food from its mouth, or only chew on one side.

  • Signs of Pain

Dogs have a method of displaying you when they are in pain. Your dog might rub his face on the floor or paw it if its mouth is in pain. Also, he might become lethargic and depressed.

  • Tartar

Plaque turns into tartar when it develops on the teeth. Regular brushing could help little tartar away. However, you will still require cleaning to eliminate it. Tartar isn’t good since it affects the gums’ health that compromises your dog’s teeth. Excess tartar could result in periodontal illness if not addressed. This causes inflammation of the deep supporting structures of the tooth.

Albert John
Albert John

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