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Should You Worry If Your Dog Pee A Lot?

by Albert John January 30, 2018

Should You Worry If Your Dog Pee A Lot?

A lot of dog owners wonder why their dog is peeing much. “Polyuria” that is the technical term for this. It is not an illness. However, it is a descriptive term that means “excessively urinating” or “peeing much”. There are a lot of conditions and factor that could affect how frequent a dog could pee. The potential answers for a peeing dog range from the fully benevolent to health problems that need consultation from vets.

Age and Aging

The age of a dog has a certain influence on the number of times they would require to pee. 1st-time dog owners may be worries at how productive or prolific the bladders of their dogs are, whether they are witnessing the early signs of dog aging or have just brought a new puppy at their house. Each dog is different. However, on average, a dog that’s healthy pees once every 4 up to 6 hours.

Increased Thirst or Heat

The dog would require more water if it spends more time outdoors during the summer months. Dogs regulate their body temperature by increased panting since they do not sweat or have smaller sweat glands than us. This utilized more of the water stores of the dog’s body. Dogs that go outside and inside might drink more while they are in the heat. However, returning to a space that is climate-controlled means they are not losing that additional drinking water to panting. This delivers about a cycle where lapping up more water means they would have to urinate more.

Albert John
Albert John

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