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Should You Be Worried About Worms from Dogs?

by Albert John September 15, 2017

Should You Be Worried About Worms from Dogs?

Have you ever thought of when must you be worried the moment your dog has worms? Here are some information about roundworms, how your dogs can acquire it, and how roundworm infection can be treated.


First, let us know what roundworms are. They are the most typical parasites in the intestines in cats and dogs. An adult worm is round and its size ranges from less than 2 inches up to nearly 6 inches in length. According to studies, 30% of dogs that are younger than 6 months of age were detaching roundworm eggs. They have also proven that all puppies are virtually born infected.


Your dog can acquire roundworms since the larval stages of the worms roam inside the animal. And other worms lie dormant and become encysted in the organs of the host animal. The moment a female dog becomes pregnant, those parasites that are hidden can be mature, active, and be passed to her puppies across the placenta prior to them being born. There are also times when the worm passes into the milk of the mother, which makes the young puppies re-exposed to it once they are nursing. Also, dogs can be infected just by eating or licking dirt and grass and some soiled items that comprise of infective eggs or by consuming prey animals that have been infected already.


You can treat a roundworm infection through using safe and effective products to treat roundworm infections. Due to the fact that puppies are already infected since they are born, it is very essential to give every one of them a suitable worming medication at two, four, six, and eight weeks of age.

Albert John
Albert John

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