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Should You Be Concerned If Your Dog Poo Is Green?

by Albert John January 26, 2018

Should You Be Concerned If Your Dog Poo Is Green?

It could be concerning to find the poop of your dog is bright green. The poop of your dog might be various colors from one time to another. Also, the certain color could provide you an idea as to what’s going on in your dog’s stomach. A dog poop that’s green is a thing you must not ignore. While green dog poop could not mean anything, it might be also a signal that there is something seriously wrong with the health of your pup.

Don’t Worry if

According to Tracey Jensen, medical director at Wellington Vet Hospital, a dog poop that is green comes down to 2 things. The 1st thing is that the green coloring of the poop is due to the pigment that is passing through the dog’s digestive system is not changed. One pigment that could pass through the system and provide green colored poop is chlorophyll in high volume.

Therefore, green poop isn’t always a problem. It could color the poop of your dog green if it eats a lot of grass or other green vegetables.

Worry If

However, oftentimes, green colored dog poo is a sign of a severe issue.

A worrisome situation if your dog eliminates green poop is because your dog is eating particular toxins. A very hazardous pigment that could pass through the dog’s system that could provide a green color to its poop is a pigment that is used in rodenticides. It also contains blue pigments. So, if your dog releases green poop but isn’t eating much grass, immediately take it to the vet.

Albert John
Albert John

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