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Safety Guidelines For Halloween Pet Costumes

by Albert John October 24, 2017

Safety Guidelines For Halloween Pet Costumes

If you are considering spreading the Halloween celebration by dressing your pet in something different, such as scary ghost, superhero, etc. Then, these are the following safety tips to remember doing so.


  • Be aware of stress.

The moment your pet dislikes wearing an item of clothing and acts annoyed, impatient, unhappy or uncomfortable, it might cause a serious problem for your pet.


  • Do not limit senses or movements.

It is important that any costume your pet will wear doesn’t restrict his/her hearing, movement, sight, or ability to bark, breathe, urinate, eat, or defecate.


  • Stay comfortable.

You must adjust the costume when you notice something that bothers your pet like too-tight shirts, floppy hats, scratchy material, swinging beads, and so on.


  • Choose a bright-colored costume for your pet.

Your pet must wear a clothing that is bright in color so that incoming vehicles or other people will be able to notice that your pet is there.


  • Keep your dog close.

Of course, you must keep your dog on a short leash for you to not lose sight of him in crowded areas or a setting that is heavily trafficked by trick-or-treaters.


  • Show proper identification card (ID).

Ensure at all cost that your dogs and cats are wearing tags, most especially during Halloween celebrations. You can utilize tags, collars or even a microchip so that you can guarantee that your dog or cat will be guided on his way home.

Albert John
Albert John

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