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Rescue A Dog From Animal Cruelty

by Albert John July 18, 2017

Rescue A Dog From Animal Cruelty

There is a rising number of animals being abandoned or being abused. Some are left in the streets by their owners to die, some are used for entertainment like dog fights, circus and in zoos. In the Philippines, there is a law about animal cruelty it is the R.A. No 8485, The Animal Welfare Act of 1998.

Just imagine, how can a dog owner leave their pets behind? Just because they’re not cute anymore? Or because it is disable? Think about how your pets feel in you abandon them, they loved you more than their self and that’s how you repay them?

Why Rescue Animals?

In Social Medias, there are tons of videos by various Animal Care Organizations that features how they rescue dogs in the streets. These animals are traumatized and others have given up with their lives. But the moment they see people that trying to help them, who patiently waiting to earn their trust, they instantly gain hope. The abandoned dogs are taken to a shelter where they are fed, treated and being taken care of.

Most of the animals that are brought to the shelter suffers from mange, malnutrition and in worst case scenario, their flesh are already eaten by maggots. The volunteers devote their selves in taking care of these poor abandoned dogs.

They love the dogs and treat them like family. They nurse them until they are physically healthy and also emotionally. Some volunteers actually adopts dogs from the shelter and other dogs are open for adoption. Why spend so much money on buying dogs when you can just adopt one. You can have a dog and the dog has a new loving owner. It’s a win-win situation right? You can adopt or report animal cruelty in your local animal shelter. Save one now!

Albert John
Albert John

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