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Reasons Why Your Cat Meows At Night

by Albert John February 01, 2018

Reasons Why Your Cat Meows At Night

It is past midnight, and you wake up due to the noise your cat makes. This situation shows several of complications. First, you are losing your valuable sleep. Second, you cat is showing that it has needs that are not being given. Of course, there are several potential solutions. However, let us look first at several reasons.


A cat is known to sleep for longer time periods. However, it could be active when they are not doing something. Consider these several reasons for its behavior if your cat meows at night while you are sleeping.

  • Your cat is bored and is requesting for your time to play with her.
  • Thirst and hunger is happening, and your kitty is giving you the sign.
  • A cat that is old might be experiencing dementia and its noises are based in mix-ups.
  • There is a cause that is health-related at the root of the meows.
  • Your cat might feel afraid in her new surroundings if you have a newly adopted one.
  • It is disturbed by a thing that it sees outside – probably another feline.


Of course, there are a lot of reasons. However, there are also a lot of solutions.

  • Visit your vet to know any medical issues that are causing your cat’s meows.
  • It is a great idea to provide your cat fresh water and feed it right before you sleep. Even you could sleep well with a full belly.
  • Simply close the blinds in your window if the reason for the vocalizations is directed at any activity outside your home.
Albert John
Albert John

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