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Reasons Why You Should Neuter Or Spay Your Dog

by Albert John October 20, 2017

Reasons Why You Should Neuter Or Spay Your Dog

One of the most significant decisions for the health of your dog is to neuter or spay it, whether you are considering it or recently adopted one. A lot of counties and states have developed low-cost neuter or spay programs that make the processes accessible and affordable.

If you are not convinced, just continue reading this article to know several main reasons why you must really neuter or spay your beloved dog.

First of all, your female dog would have healthier and longer life. Spaying helps avoid breast cancer and uterine infections that is fatal in around 50% of dogs. Spaying your dog before her 1st heat provides the best defense from these illnesses.

Second, neutering offers huge health benefits for your male dog. Aside from preventing litters that are unwanted, neutering your dog avoids cancer in their testicles.

Third, your spayed dog will not go into heat. Though cycles could depend, female dogs typically go into heat 4 up to 5 days every 3 weeks during breeding season. They will urinate and yowl more often in an effort to find mates.

Fourth, your male dog will not want to wander away from your house. A dog that is intact would do anything to look for a mate. This includes roaming away from your home. If you have a fenced house, he will dig his way under your fence. Your dog will be at high risk of fights with other dogs and injury in traffic once he is free to roam.

Albert John
Albert John

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