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Reasons Why People Are Terrified Of Black Cats At Halloween

by Albert John October 27, 2017

Reasons Why People Are Terrified Of Black Cats At Halloween

Chances are you possibly know that there are people who are terrified of black cats. You even might be careful of them yourself? Several think that this kind of cat is a sign of bad luck. But, why? What gears this kind of superstition? In fact, disliking an animal just because of the color of its fur is completely irrational.


This superstitious belief started way back long after 3000 BC during the Middle Age in certain countries, such as Egypt, where cats were worshiped.


Cats as Witches

As centuries passed and society changed, black felines became feared and were criticized as ‘witches. Hysteria feasted during these times of superstitions. People thought witches were performing darkness and black magic and it simply happened that it was the time when stray cats become more visible.


Modern Times

Up until the modern days, these kinds of superstitious beliefs have been continuing regardless of how absurd this idea is. Meaning, black cats are frequently left with no home.


Based on the organization, figures display that there are more black feline cats in its care compared to any other color. As of October 1, there were approximately 1,000 black cats waiting for a family for them to cuddle to.

Albert John
Albert John

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