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Reasons Why Cats Like High Places

by Albert John February 12, 2018

Reasons Why Cats Like High Places

Have you ever notice your cat sitting and lying down on higher places? If yes, do you happen to notice this kind of occurrence frequently and you don’t know the reasons why? Well, perhaps we will really never decipher the actual reasons why cats like high places. However. Here are a few theories about this:

  • Indirectly, height can be an indication of status. Once there are several cats in a household, the ones that controls the best chair or resting place is usually the most dominant. Therefore, the highest cat is factually the “top cat.”
  • The height provides the cat a much better point of observation. From that position, the cat can assess his own ‘world’ and be more aware of people’s endeavors and other pets as well. Moreover, in the wild, a higher place may indicate that it is an enclosed site from which to hunt.
  • Another possible reason why cats like the most upper perch on the cat tree is that the tree is placed close to the heat register, making the top perch as the warmest spot. Also, the top part of a refrigerator tends to be a warm spot for cats.
  • The moment a cat is afraid or anxious, a high perch might get him farther away from the reasons of its anxiety, for instance, a dog.

Probably the reason why your beloved furry friends looks for higher places may be a mixture of these presented theories. If not, maybe it is something only our cats will ever know.

Albert John
Albert John

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