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Real And Fascinating Facts About Black Cats

by Albert John August 31, 2017

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Real And Fascinating Facts About Black Cats

Here are some of the cool facts about our gorgeous black felines.

  1.  The color of their hair, which is black, is caused by a pigment that is formed in the eumelanin or the hair follicle. Black cats create a coat that is extra rich in eumelanin.
  2. The black coat color’s gene in felines is dominant. Meaning, a cat just requires a sole copy of the gene for its coat to be black as well. Also, it means that a black cat might not certainly produce black-colored kittens.
  3. Cats that are gray or solid blue in color are actually black. They bear the gene of the black coat. However, it is also a secondary gene that dilutes the pigments’ concentration.
  4. Other cats that are black carry the tabby gene as well. Usually, the black color shields the tabby pattern. However, tabby marking could be visible under the right lighting in some felines.
  5. A black coat may alter its colors over the years. A rusty brown shade might appear through time, most especially along the coat tufts’ tips. Also, there are other cases wherein as the cat ages, the coat of the cat could show white and gray shades particularly around its face.

As for superstitions, several surround black cats and are often not easy to accurately trace and quite local. A lot of cultures view them as emblems of unknown forces. Here are some example of its superstitions.

  • In the UK, black cats are said to provide good luck.
  • In the culture of the Jews, a black cat that crosses between two people indicates that they are likely to get into a conflict.
  • During the Edo period in Japan, black cats were assumed to remedy tuberculosis.

Albert John
Albert John

1 Response

Luiza Leitao
Luiza Leitao

September 04, 2017

Love Cole and Marmelade, always watch their videos! Love black cats. Kisses from Brasil

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