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Prescription Pet Medications for Different Pet Illnesses and Diseases

by Sarene Maev Butao January 17, 2019

Prescription Pet Medications for Different Pet Illnesses and Diseases

Having a pet can be very enjoyable and worthwhile since they can be considered as a companion or a best friend. However, keeping one also means that there are additional responsibilities and things that you have to tend to since pets have needs and health that you have to monitor and maintain.

Like us, humans, some pets require particular or specific medications that are formulated specially for their type of species or the type of illness that they have. With this, it is important to note that pets should be treated the same way as us whenever they catch diseases and illnesses which means that they should be brought to their doctors or the veterinary in order for them to have their prescription medicine.

Below are reasons why you should get your pet prescription pet medications:

Long-term Aid for Illnesses and Chronic Diseases

Naturally, as pets get older, they are more susceptible to more illnesses as they are also developing a wide range of diseases and health conditions. However, a number of these diseases can be treated and managed as long as it is under the vet’s care. From being provided prescription dog or cat food to having medication for your pet’s thyroid and hormonal needs, it is vital that you have them checked for them to have their necessary medicine.

Ear and Eye Infections

Usually, our pets get discomforted by recurring infections in the ear or eye. This infection is generally caused by factors like allergies, breed disposition, or tear duct issues. However, it’s a good thing that if you have your pet get consulted by a veterinary, there are available prescription pet antibiotics, and anti-fungal veterinary medicines that can treat and relieve them from the discomfort brought to them by the infections that they have, whether it’s acute or chronic. These eyes and ear infection treatments for your pet can help eradicate the cause of infection by directly killing the bacteria, fungi, and yeast. These medications usually come in liquid form, in drops, or in ointments.

Controls Pet Allergies and Relieves Itchy Skin

Like us, some pets also, unfortunately, suffer from a lot of allergies ranging from seasonal allergies, skin allergies, food allergies, and flea allergies. If not carefully medicated and monitored, some of these allergies develop nasty and unpleasant symptoms. Your pets might exhibit behavior like them scratching or gnawing their skin restlessly, which can further lead to bald spots and sores. Other symptoms also include watery eyes and sneezing. However, by consulting your vet, you can have prescription pet allergy relief for your pet that you can easily administer since they usually come in liquids or capsules.

Heartworm Disease

Unlike other parasitic threats to your pets that are actually visible to your eyes, there is another threat that lies underneath their fur or skin, and they’re called heartworms. Without proper medication, they can multiply in numbers and can cause serious problem to your beloved little companions. If you just welcomed a pet to your home, it’s best if you check with their former shelter if they have been already treated for heartworms, and proceed to your vet for on-going heartworm treatment. Usually, for dogs, their prescription heartworm treatment comes in the form of a chewable tablet, and some of them can even protect your dog from ticks and fleas. In cats, heartworm treatment medicine comes in a topical form that can also control roundworms, hookworms, and ear mites.

Stomach and Digestion

Whenever your pet has an upset stomach, you should always monitor them closely or better yet, have them go on a trip to the veterinary since stomach, and digestive problems usually lead to other issues. If you do, your pet’s veterinary can identify the cause of the discomfort or problem, and prescribe some pet medications based on the diagnosis. Other things that need prescription pet gastrointestinal support are also things that concern stomach ulcers, vomiting caused by an underlying issue, stomach inflammation, reflux issues, and other digestive disorders.

Joint and Hip Pain and Inflammation

If you noticed that your buddy isn’t as jumpy as before or hasn’t been getting around like they usually are, then something must be wrong with them. Usually, arthritis is the cause for the shift in their jumpy and bubbly behavior. Once you notice that they are behaving differently, it’s essential to have them checked to your local veterinary since there are available arthritis pain treatments that can be prescribed to your pet. Such medications can help your pet experience less hip and joint discomfort since the medication can help relieve pain on a long-term basis.

Flea and Tick Problem

Feeling a sense of disgust and repulsion whenever we see a tick crawling under our pet’s fur after cuddling with them is probably one of the most terrible moments that every pet owners have. Good thing that prescription flea and tick treatments are available for our pet’s health. Usually, flea medicine for cats and dogs can also treat ticks, and a few of them can also be used as a treatment for lice, mosquito or mites. What’s important is that you get their flea and tick medication prescribed by your local veterinary to ensure that it’s suitable and proper for your pet’s needs and health. Keeping your pet under such medication can help you rest assured that your pet is not suffering from itch and pain from scratching themselves endlessly. Aside from that, you can also surely feel a great sense of comfort and relief that you are not cuddling anything else but your lovely pet. These flea treatments can and should be prescribed by a vet so that you can determine whether your pet should have a chewable tablet or a topical treatment.

Having your pet get checkups and treating them with utmost care and attention is one of the responsibilities that pet owners should always maintain. Our pets bring out a different kind of joy and delight to us, and it’s only fair that we tend to their comfort and needs. Keep them stylish year round with our clothes for cats section!

Sarene Maev Butao
Sarene Maev Butao

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