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Overcoming Dominant Pet Dogs

by Albert John August 23, 2017

Overcoming Dominant Pet Dogs

If you think that humans are the only creatures in the world that are dominating over others, you are definitely stepping on the wrong path. Dogs also have this dominant personality over other animals and even people. How is that possible?

There are dogs that start being quickly aggressive that sometimes unfortunately turn into serious attacks. Surely, you would not want to earn that set of teeth to bury in your skin. You will not only suffer the pain of their bites but will also get anxious where that bite might lead you. However, if you understand and try to familiar the signs as to what your pets show, you might get yourself saved from these terrible incidents. All you have to do is know the signs and the needs of your pets so you don’t get them longing and begging for affection from you.

The following are tips to overcome dominant pet dogs. These are not only for the reason to understand why dogs become aggressive and tend to bite but also to secure many of us who love to have animals as pets.

Be conscious of their behaviors. Most of the time, because we are too busy about our own businesses, we tend to forget noticing the signs and behaviors of our pets when they become pushy, demanding, and constantly begging for attention. We should be aware that these alone can be signs of the possible dominant dogs. It is important that we observe them and try to understand why they are like that. You can obviously get away from your gadgets and not spend the whole day with technology, instead spend it with your pets because that’s where you can get to understand them.

Meet their needs for affections. All creatures begin to be aggressive when they are not given what they need, especially the affection. You have to give them the attention and affection so they won’t become aggressive towards everyone just to get what they need. Even humans who have the capacity to speak their minds need affection, how much more of these dogs who only bark, wag their tails and jump if they need anything?

Feed them. Who will even be happy to live without food? These dogs always see food on your table, when you even have chat with friends, you have food. They know that those are foods. One of the reasons why dogs become aggressive is when they are hungry and they do not meet the ‘food time’. A sign of this is when they jump right into you if they see you have food in your hand. Feed them to suffice their needs and suppress their aggressiveness when they want food.

Albert John
Albert John

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