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Our Most Popular Cat Toys

by Sarene Maev Butao August 27, 2019

Our Most Popular Cat Toys

Some of Our Favorite Cat Toys

Cats love to play, be it a toy, there fellow cat, or even your arm! Almost anything inside your home is like a toy for your cats. There are just so curious about anything, and the next thing you’ll see is a broken vase while your cat is staring at you just like nothing happened. 

However, some toys are specially designed for cats. And it’s better to buy one to save the rest of your furniture and things around your home from breaking and tearing apart. With that said, here is an ample selection of toys your feline friend will probably love. 

Cat Groom Toy
  • This self-grooming cat toy is a must-have for every cat owner. It’s a self-groomer in the form of a brush that your cat can walk through and groom itself. Should you be taking a vacation, or just leave the house for a while? Thanks to this self-grooming cat toy, they can groom and snuggle their face and body in this toy as long as they want while you’re away.

3 Way Collapsable Cat Tunnel With Ball Toy

  • Cats love to play around confined spaces like the back of your closet, or under your bed, making them hard to reach when you want to cuddle with them. Thanks to the Cat Tunnel, your cat is off to an adventure into a whole new world. This Collapsable Cat Tunnel is made from a soft material that your cat can roll around and scratch all they want. This toy is perfect when they want to play hide and seek with their fellow cats or even with yourself.

3 Trapped Ball Rolling Scratching Kitten Toy

  • Tired of seeing your sofa being scratched by your cats? Save the rest of your furniture with the Ball Rolling Scratching Cat Toy. This toy is formed into a 90-degree angle with a scratchable top. Inside its hollow middle, there is a toy hanging around that they can play with as well. It’s the perfect toy for your cats much-needed nail trimming.

False Mouse in a Rat Cage Ball

  • When cats play, it means to scratch, bite, repeat. They’ll probably pounce on your arm when they get bored, but with the Mouse in a Cage Ball, time to say goodbye to your arm scratches! This toy is made to keep your cat busy so they have fun with it. They will think they are chasing a real mouse but the ball will keep rolling.

Wireless Remote Control Mouse Toy

  • This list will never be complete if we don’t include a mouse on it. The Mouse Cat Toy is perfect for your cat’s recreational time. If you want, you can attach a string on the toy, run around the house, and let your cat chase the mice you had on the string. Just pray for your sake that your cat will go for the mice, not for your arm.

You can find many other toys for your cat by visiting our full collection here.

Sarene Maev Butao
Sarene Maev Butao

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