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Old-School Chinese Medicine Principles For Dog With Stomach Problems

by Albert John March 21, 2018

Old-School Chinese Medicine Principles For Dog With Stomach Problems

What to feed a dog with stomach problems, such as gas and vomiting? This is the most common question people ask to vets. We all have been there. We know that it is really not pleasant. The great news is that we could aid our dog to feel better quicker.

  • Fasting

Professionals suggest withholding food for 11 to 23 hours. This depends on the seriousness of the situation. However, you would still provide water for the dog. Digestion requires energy that could deplete further a compromised. Letting the gastrointestinal track to relax prepares it to receive better the nutrients that you would introduce after. Ensure to give the dog with ice chips or water to prevent dehydration.

  • Cooling Proteins

A lot of individuals feed chicken when their pooches suffers stomach issues. However, professionals say that chicken is really a hot protein that could deplete further the dog’s energy. They suggest cooling proteins like organic tofu, pork, low-fat cottage cheese, eggs, white fish, turkey, or rabbit. They also suggest preventing yang proteins like goat, lamb, venison, salmon, and beef until the symptoms of the dog completely subside.

  • Millet

Perhaps, white rice is usually a prescribed food by vets for canines with stomach issues. However, it is really warming. Though brown rice is cooling, several canines experience trouble digesting it. So, professionals suggest feeding millet. This is a cooling food that’s rich in mineral and vitamins and high in protein.

Albert John
Albert John

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