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Most Popular Cat Breeds You Should Know About

by Albert John May 08, 2017

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Most Popular Cat Breeds You Should Know About

Like any other pets, cats come in different breeds. Cat lovers like me have million reasons why we love our feline pets, but there are specific breeds that possess personality traits. And that's what makes them popular. So, I'm going to share with you the most popular cat breeds in America today. But if your cat's breed is not on the list, don't worry because all cats are loved.

#1: Siamese

Siamese is ranked as the most popular cat breed because of its stunning blue eyes. But what makes this cat breed really popular is its dazzling personality. Siamese chats with its owner all day and even all night! Siamese is a curious breed so no wonder they're really 'talkative'.

#2: Persian

Persian cat breeds is the 2nd popular. They are a gentle, expressive and quiet breed. And look at that face! They may have a lush coat that needs grooming but every sacrifice is all worth it!

#3: Maine Coon

This cat breed is a true gentle giant that looks really good! Who else falls in love with its beautiful and thick fur? They get along with everyone, even with dogs! They generally follow every member of the family from room to room. They're clingy and adorable.

#4: The Exotic

This cat breed is almost the same with Persian, but with shorter fur. They are also called "Persian in Pajamas" because of their color, and they really look like Persian wearing some pajamas. They're also a sweet bread, but guess what, they also need brushing two times a week.

#5: The Ragdoll

Are you wondering why this breed is called this way? Well, they got their name from the way the cats go completely limp when you carry them in your arms. They are cuddly and cute and large, don't you love to carry them? You should keep these cats inside the house because they're docile but they sure are fun to be with.

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Albert John
Albert John

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August 09, 2017

It was fantastic!! I watched the Maine Coon clip. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

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