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Meet the Purring Purr-fect Cats

by Albert John March 27, 2017

Meet the Purring Purr-fect Cats

How much do you like the sound of cats when they purr? I bet you like it more than I do. It is mesmerizing when cats purr. Just that moment when they curl on your lap and you stroke them, they tend to give you that relaxing sound. Most often, we think that cats only purr when they are happy or contented, but there is a lot more. We are all missing the multifaceted purr of the cats. Why do cats purr by the way?

Everybody has his own reaction about things around him. When humans feel happy, they smile. When dogs feel excited and enthusiastic, they wag their tails. When cats feel contented, they purr. But how much do we really understand the purring of the cats? This might not be the top priority when having a pet cat but this sure would make a great difference of taking good care of them.

Here is a list of reasons why our pet cats give us that relaxing and smoothing purr.

Cat-ty turbulence in the chest.

Just like any other animal, cats have this stimulus response that is actually one of the main reasons why they purr. The turbulence in the chest is created by the laryngeal and diaphragmatic muscles that are combined with neural oscillator. When this neural oscillator in the brain sends a message to the laryngeal muscles, it vibrates that then causes the cat to purr. This sound is now very relaxing and soothing. Now, how would you take that?

Survival skill.

Even from the moment kittens are born, their mothers purr during labor to release endorphin that somehow eases the pain. Their mothers’ purr are also a way of leading its newborn kittens to come to her because purring gives a vibration that kittens receive when they are born. Kittens are born blind and deaf and the vibration is only the way to come to their mom and be enveloped with the warmth. It acts as a survival skill that when cats go to their mothers, they will be fed and will live longer.

Here's your purr-fect cat:



Purring serves as a communication.

Many of us cat owners solely believe that when our pet cats purr, they are happy and contented. But what we all actually do not know is that cat purr to communicate to other cats and to humans. Cats have variations of vibrations in producing sounds with their purrs to vary their message. It could be that they are in pain, they are sick, they are hungry or whatever means that they want to send to their owners. Since the cats are not as gifted as humans who have the ability to talks, cats are also unique in their own way of communicating. So if you want to say something to somebody, do it or the cats might beat you with it!

Albert John
Albert John

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