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Loving the Boxes for my Own

by Albert John April 03, 2017

Loving the Boxes for my Own

When do you remember you cat hating a box so much? You probably cannot remember because cats have never been so in love with boxes. They always make sure they get to fit inside the box when they see it. Even if a box has something in it, cats would always love to sneak inside of it and make themselves comfortable. Would you even diagnose a cat to be claustrophobic? Perhaps no. This is basically one of the amazing characteristics that make cats unique from other animals. For sure you will never be in so much love with a box no matter how beautifully it is designed.

However, would it matter if your cats love boxes? Yes! If you truly love your cat, you would want to know why your cats terribly love those boxes. Here are some of the reasons why they will never ever hate boxes.



Boxes are their ways to avoid everyone (anti-social).

Cats may look adorable to everyone but they have this attitude of being anti-social. They are not like dogs who love to mingle a lot with humans. If you ever tend to worry that your cat loves boxes so much, pay respect to their own privacy. You will never know what they are thinking but it is their nature to stay in boxes as a sign of privacy-dealing. After all, they will still come out whenever they want to eat or feel like doing something else.

Here are some funny video compilation about the cat and boxes:



Principle of ‘If I fit, I sit’.

The attitude of cats getting into a box is similar to a trial and error. If your cat sees a box, it will get into it. However, cats are passive. As long as they fit inside the box, they will stay inside it. But when they don’t, they get out from it. It is as simple as that. Let us not complicate things for them.

Stress reliever.

It is found in several studies that there is a difference of stress level between those cats who have boxes and those who do not. Researchers found out that cats which have boxes tend to have lower level of stress. It is then realized that boxes serve as a stress reliever for cats. They hide inside it and they get to contemplate on their own.

Albert John
Albert John

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