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Licking is the New Hobby!

by Albert John March 22, 2017

Licking is the New Hobby!

Pretty sure you have all encountered dogs who love to lick, haven’t you? They all love to lick actually. Even if you do not like that slime-ish feeling, you really can’t stop them if they come running towards you and wipe that pinkish tongue of them to lick you. But what do their licking really mean?

If you are one of those who love to get licked by dogs, then there is a place for you both. If you are one of those who are not really a fan of getting licked by these lovely dogs, you should try to understand why they do that most of the times. Understanding why dogs love to lick will not only expand your knowledge about them but you might also be a little help to extend their hobby or act of licking. Dogs are easy to please. Once you give them the affection they need, they will go clingy towards you. Your dog might be worse than your stains in shirt. The good thing is that dogs are really interactive.

Therefore, here is a short list of reasons why dogs always swipe their tongues for you.

Nature instinct.

Licking is a great factor for the survival of the puppies. Right when they were born, their mothers lick them as a form of stimulation for them to learn how to breathe. Licking is also how a mother teaches its puppies to clean themselves. It is also a way of the mother dogs to communicate with their puppies. So when you see mother dogs licking their puppies, it is obviously not because their puppies taste good. It’s an instinct of a mother to show its love to its puppies. How sweet!

Submissive gesture.

Dogs belong to animals in pack. They lick because it is their way of keeping harmony in their pack. The more subordinate members of the pack lick, the more dominant members. Even dogs have their way of respect for their dominant! Whenever you see dogs licking other dogs, you will not immediately jump into conclusion because it might be that they are just facing their dominant.

Good for the health.

Licking releases endorphins for dogs. It is like chocolate for humans! When dogs lick, it relieves their stress like what humans feel when they bite their nails. However, we can always ignore their licking if we see that it is purely affection. So we can still walk away to decrease this habit. They will immediately get the meaning when you ignore their licking.

For a funny dog licking the window, you may watch this. Have Fun! 


Albert John
Albert John

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