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Lethal Plants For Pooches To Watch During The Holidays

by Albert John December 03, 2017

Lethal Plants For Pooches To Watch During The Holidays

Plants are an amazing way to put few holiday cheer and festive color to your house. There is nothing like entering a home and being greeted with iconic, warm fragrance of pine to get you into the attitude for cheerful festivity. Unless, you have a dog at your house of course – and several of that holiday decorations include lethal plants for pooches.

Here is the list of dangerous holiday plants for a dog:


This red-leafed flower actually does not live up to all the hype – it is only actually mildly poisonous. But, even mild harmfulness could be fatal when mixed with other settings. It is really better to be safe than to be sorry.


Though it might be the symbol of merry-making, it is lethal if swallowed – however, it isn’t as toxic as once thought. Yet again, it is better to be safe than to be sorry.


Holly berries might be the most enticing to pooches. However, the seeds, bark, leaves are just as lethal. The effect of holly on pooches is the same to that of chocolate and caffeine.


This plant is less known than the other plants mentioned above, amaryllis causes convulsions and abdominal pain. Thus, you should really keep an eye out for it.

Pine Needles

Likely the least of your worries here. Pine needles might cause harm if swallowed, puncturing stomach lining or intestines. The oils of the tree may irritate mucous membranes. However, keeping the area of your tree tidy would avoid any issues.

Albert John
Albert John

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