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Know The Best Leash For Your Dog

by Albert John July 11, 2017

Know The Best Leash For Your Dog

            Choosing a high-quality leash can make a difference between life and death while walking your dog along the streets. Not only leashes can stop your dog from running, also, it’ll prevent your dog from attacking strangers. Thus, walking a dog with the perfect leash can make your activity a lot easier. There are several types of dog leashes. However, in this article, I’m going to share four of the most common types of dog leashes.


 1.) Standard Leash

It’s the most typically used leash. It’s a good choice for those who have mid-sized dogs. A standard leash will give the protection your pet requires during outdoor activities and walks. Also, it is relatively cheap. A standard leash is most commonly made of durable nylon or leather. It can be used on both adult and puppy canines.

 2.) Chain Leash

This type of leash is best for those who have dogs that have a habit of breaking or chewing leashes. Since this type of leash is very sturdy, it has the ability to control dogs in all sizes.


3.) Retractable Leash

This type of leash can possibly extend for up to 30 ft., that has a walker that maintains the control using a small plastic handle. This handle can let the caretaker adjust the leash to the length he/she desires and retracts the leash if you are ready.


 4.) Adjustable Leash

This leash is commonly made of nylon or leather, which is similar to a standard leash. However, they can be adjusted manually to one’s desired length. An adjustable leash comes with a variety of locks and hooks that allow the owners to decide a length before starting a walk. Unlike a retractable leash, there’s no chance of pulling or choking.



Albert John
Albert John

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