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Keeping Your Dog Safe In The Car

by Albert John April 06, 2018

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Keeping Your Dog Safe In The Car

Seeing the environment from a moving car is enjoyable for almost every dog. Most individuals think that their dogs are great traveling buddies. However, several dog owners stop to think about the dangers that come when dogs ride in a car. Here are 2 things that a lot of individuals do when it comes to car safety for the dog.

  • Do not let your dog freely roam in the vehicle.

Letting dogs to roam freely in the car is a huge NO when it comes to safety of the dog. Dogs that are unrestrained face similar injury dangers as human not wearing their seat belts. It can cause serious injuries and multi-car crash if your dog jumps out the window and onto the road. Finally, dogs that are loose in cars become disturbances, and drivers that are distracted could cause accidents.

  • Do not use a Dog car seat or dog car harness that is not approved by the Center for Pet Safety.

Nowadays, almost all pet shops have car harnesses created specifically for dogs. However, not all of the items are approved by CPS. Though the Certification Program of CPS is voluntary, it means that the harness has been certified to vigorous standards. Approved items always have the logo of the CPS. Look for dog car seats that could be secured tightly so that they will not slide around.

Remember, safety is your number one priority. Not just for your dog, but also for you and other passengers.

Albert John
Albert John

1 Response

Elvis Mizzau
Elvis Mizzau

November 15, 2018

I just bought an electric smartcar convertible. I have two dogs —a 75 lbs. pf muscle basset hound and a 85 lb old english bulldogge. I would like a back cage/fence so one of the dogs could be safely secured in the hatch (there is no backseat). The ones at pet stores are way too large for y little smartcar. ny ideas where I can get a smaller one that is strong enough for these big dogs?

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