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Is Your Cat Awake At Night?

by Albert John January 03, 2018

Is Your Cat Awake At Night?

Cats prefer to be up during nigh time since cats are nocturnal and because they’re predators, they may sleep for approximately 16 hours per day. Hence, the major problem faced by cat owners is that their cats are wide awake at night. Here are a few things you can do to help your cat reverse this habit so that everybody can sleep the night away.

  • Give your cat a comfortable and warm bed located away from your bedroom.
  • At night, close your bedroom to stop your cat from coming in to play.
  • During the day, increase their daytime activity and keep them up.
  • Before bedtime, you could lay with your cat in the evening,
  • Feeding your cat first thing in the morning is discouraged. A lot of cats wake their owners up to be fed. Thus, you have to feed your cat late in the morning and then provide small meals throughout the day.
  • You may want to consider trying remote correction the moment your cat begins to meow during night time. You can do this by utilizing a noise making device like a vacuum cleaner on a remote switch. Through this method, it will prevent your cat from doing a particular behavior since the cat will be startled because of it.
  • One probable response is to completely ignore any of the night time behavior of your cat. Once you show some response to its behavior, your cat have already succeeded in having what he wants.
  • Lastly, when the problem is already serious, consulting with your vet about the use of medications to ‘reprogram’ your cat to a better wake cycle/sleep has to be your last resort for this problem.

By utilizing a combination of these choices, hopefully, you and your cat can sleep soundly during the night.


Albert John
Albert John

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