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Is It Normal For A Dog To Sleep All Day?

by Albert John November 03, 2017

Is It Normal For A Dog To Sleep All Day?

Have you ever observed your pooch sleeping, and then thought “my pooch sleeps all day”? Well, don’t worry. You are not alone. One of the amazing things about a dog is that they could nap as much as they like. Who could blame them? Even we would love to sleep all day!

Fortunately, your dog is not vigorously trying in making you envious with its sleeping habits. The truth is that it is totally usual for a dog to spend the whole day napping away. Here are several reasons why.

According to professionals, a dog typically sleeps around 13 to 15 hours per day. The amount of sleep they need also depends a lot on their activity level, breed, and age.

Several breeds seem to be drowsier types. An English and French Bulldogs like to take it easy, sleep, and lounge. For a dog that is more active, like a working dog, it would sleep less because it is busier.

The age plays a huge role in the amount of sleep a dog needs. For instance, puppies tend to sleep around 17 up to 19 hours per day, because growing up consumes a lot of energy. Older pooches devote almost the equal amount of time as puppies because of a lot of factors. An old dog is frequently less lively, or it might hurt for it to move due to arthritis or joint pain.

Health problems might also be a reason why your dog sleeps a lot. Illnesses, such as hypothyroidism, and hormonal imbalances could make your dog nap more.

Albert John
Albert John

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