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Is Dog Food Bad For Cats?

by Albert John November 23, 2017

Is Dog Food Bad For Cats?

Though it is not so usual for cats to love commercial dog food, there are some who tried. And for your information, it is a bad idea. At least not regularly and certainly not as an exclusive diet. Here are some reasons to consider as to why your cats must not eat dog food:


1.) Vitamin A should be included in cat food, whereas dogs can get enough beta carotene instead since their bodies naturally produces Vitamin A. Though other dog foods might have extra vitamin A, a lot of it won’t have the amount a cat needs for a lifetime of finest health.


2.) Taurine is an amino acid that all of the cats need. Meanwhile, dogs can create their own. A lot of dog foods might not suffice in taurine, which can lead the cat to suffer a worse type of heart disease known as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Also, this occurs when cats eat a diet that’s fish-only, since fish meat lacks in this amino acid. That is maybe the reason why you have heard that fish is “bad” for cats even if it is actually not. Well, not if you are giving a poorly-balanced diet to your cat.


3.) Arachidonic acid is a fatty acid that dogs can also make themselves. Meanwhile, as expected, cats require the real thing.


4.) Another big reason not to give your cats dog foods is their protein levels. While other dog foods do give very intensive levels of proteins, most of them don’t exceed the percentage of protein that our carnivorous feline needs.

Albert John
Albert John

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