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Hunting Breeds for Dogs

by Albert John July 05, 2017

Hunting Breeds for Dogs

            We all know that not all breeds can serve well as hunting dogs. There are several types of dogs can be your wonderful partners that depend on what kind of game you want. Here are the top 5 hunting dogs:

*Labrador Retriever

It’s clear with its name alone. The majority of the retriever breed creates perfect hunting dogs, and a Labrador might simply be the “ultimate hunting dog”. With its great energy, its cold-weather coat that is perfect for outdoors and in huge ranches, and the eagerness to do anything just to regain your kill, the Labrador Retriever is the perfect fit for hunting ducks. However, it can put up with any type of minimal work.

*American Foxhound

This type of dog was bred to hunt foxes, and it’s still very dedicated to that task. Also, deer hunters have adopted their skills in running to deer season. Although, American Foxhound is a prodigious hunting breed since they hunt down anything you want.


It’s known as the “iconic hunting dog”. Based on its energy, persistence, and love for the chase, it’s more likely similar to the American Foxhound. Although it has short legs, you can trust a Beagle if you want to hunt rabbits.


A pointer has its thin coat, which disqualifies it a little from making an effective big hunting in the north. However, a Pointer is the best companion for searching and bagging birds in a wide field most especially in the southern United States, where the temperature is hot.


Their name alone can make them sound like brutal hunters. Bloodhounds have their strong sense of smell and their incomparable tracking abilities that makes them great hunting dogs.

Albert John
Albert John

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