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How To Treat Bad Dog Breath

by Albert John January 19, 2018

How To Treat Bad Dog Breath

If you are a dog lover, then you are probably sharing your life with several dogs who likes to give kisses. Since you don’t want to hurt their feelings, you accept their kisses. Of course, you want to maintain the mouths of your dogs to be halitosis-free and healthy.

So, if your dog has bad breath, here are some remedies:

  • Regularly Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

It is not normal for your dog to have a bad breath. Actually, it is a sign of a mouth that’s unhealthy. If you ignore it, sick gums and teeth will lead quickly to life-threatening issues. So, brush the teeth of your dog. Once a week is enough.

If you have a tiny pooch, then you really need to brush their teeth every single day.

  • Give your Dog some Dental Chews

Giving your dog a yummy dental chew enables your dog help you do few of the job to maintain his own fresh smelling breath. Not all dental chews are the same. However, you should find one that includes breath-freshening clove, cinnamon, and chlorophyll. Do not be surprised if you see your dog’s poop a bit of green. That is simply the chlorophyll that is doing its job.

  • Wheat grass – A great remedy for bad breath

If you have some fresh wheat grass, try giving some to your dog. Simply put it in their dog food. Wheat grass is great raw source of chlorophyll, which is a very great breath-freshener as what we have mentioned above.

Albert John
Albert John

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