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How To Take Your Pet’s Temperature At Home

by Albert John March 02, 2018

How To Take Your Pet’s Temperature At Home

To take your cat or dog’s temperature, you will need a rectal thermometer. You don’t need a ‘special’ cat or dog thermometer. In fact, you can utilize one made for human use.


Be mindful that pets, especially cats, have very strong muscles surrounding their anus and typically struggle very actively once you try to take their temperature. Unless you have a very cooperative cat, or you’re skilled in doing so, you might want to get a veterinarian to help you to get their temperature.


You have to shake down the thermometer until the reading reaches on 96°F or less. Then, you need to lubricate it with some lubricating jelly or Vaseline.


Grasp the tail of your pet at the base then raise it. Firmly hold it so that your pet won’t sit down. Talk quietly to your pet and reassure him during the entire method. Through this, it will keep your pet relaxed, calm, and holding still.


Nest, insert the bulb portion of the thermometer gently into the anus of your pet. It really works once you utilize a twisting motion. Insert the thermometer for approximately 1 inch in small dogs and cats, and up to 3 inches for huge breed dogs.


Keep the thermometer in place for a span of 1 up to 2 minutes. After, remove and wipe it with a cotton ball or gauze. Lastly, read the temperature at the column of mercury’s end.


After using, clean the thermometer with a rubbing alcohol and safely store it.

Albert John
Albert John

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