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How To Take Care Of Your Cat’s Stitches After Surgery

by Albert John October 09, 2017

How To Take Care Of Your Cat’s Stitches After Surgery

After your cat’s surgery, the surgical incisions must be monitored. A minimal swelling is assumed immediately after the surgery. However, immediately bring your cat to your vet’s attention any signs of oozing or discharge pain, foul odor or excessive bruising. Remember the following tips:

  • Do not brush, pet or groom the incision site or bathe your cat while he has sutures in place.
  • Do not apply topical creams or ointments to the incision area.
  • The skin’s incision area will be sensitive and tender. Moreover, you must not let the incision get welt at any cost.
  • Utilize an Elizabethan collar on your cat since felines are infamous for their capability to swiftly chew out the sutures that are holding the incision together.

Most of the sutures can possibly be detached from approximately 10 up to 14 days after the surgery. This lets your vet observe the incision and see how well your cat is doing in person. It is important that you are aware where to take your cat if a problem develops after hours since the first 24 hours of post-operation are the most critical. You do not have to worry about this if your vet’s facility is open 24/7. But, if your veterinarian’s office closes in the evening, try looking for an emergency facility that is nearest to your place and opens 24/7.  To the emergency clinic, bring any medications that you have been administering and a copy of some written discharge order provided to you by your veterinarian.

Albert John
Albert John

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