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How to Take Care of your Cat’s Eyes

by Albert John December 06, 2017

How to Take Care of your Cat’s Eyes

If your cat’s eyes are clean and moist, it is an indication that he has healthy eyes. However, if there is swelling or redness, or you see a discharge of mucus and often squints, these may be signs of an eye infection. Here are some of the ways to properly care for your cat’s eyes

  • At all times, keep their eyes mucus-free. Oftentimes, infections are caused by bacteria that grow on mucus. To keep the eye area clean, use a sterile eye wipes and/or eyewash. This is more important in young kittens that may have significant eye discharge due from infections of their upper respiratory.


  • Under the top lid, apply a protective ophthalmic ointment to protect your cat’s eyes before bathing, insecticide treatment, and facial cleanings.

  • Completely keep the hair away from the eyes of your cat because it scratches the cornea that can result from hair contact. If you have long-haired cats, if it is needed, trim its hair by only using scissors that are blunt-nosed as you cut parallel to the edge of its eyelid.


  • A common problem with certain breeds of cats is tear straining, most especially Persians, and could be unattractive if it’s not taken care of. Tears can kill the bacteria that cause eye infection since they are bactericidal. Tears usually flow across the surface of the eye and immediately drain through the tear duct. The discoloration of the corner of your cat’s eyes is due to the normal tears that spilled out and placed on the surrounding hair. You can clean your cat’s hair in affected areas for at least once every week with a stain remover product for breeds that have tendencies to have tear stains.

Albert John
Albert John

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