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How to Store Dog Food Efficiently

by Sarene Maev Butao December 13, 2018

How to Store Dog Food Efficiently

Our dog’s food is one of the primary things we have to secure when it comes to their health and survivability. You’d always want to give them fresh food so that they won’t get upset tummies or get sick in the process when all you want is to feed them. It’s essential to provide your pooches with high-quality food that’s not nasty and already expired. Just like how our preserved foods have expiration dates and go stale, the same goes for dog foods.

It’s tough to tell if the food you’re handing to your furry friend is a bad one since we can’t test taste it for them. It’s a cardinal rule for every dog owner to never give your doggies food that is expired since it would lead to several complications that would make them suffer.

You wouldn’t want to see your poor dog moaning because of pain or getting weak and sickly. It’s torture for every one of us who loves our canines with all our hearts, so be sure that you’re giving them good food.

There are practices that you could use so that you would ensure the freshness of the dog food and extend the expiration date. Things that you could do to sustain the quality of the food is something that should be practiced by every dog owner so that their furballs won’t get stomachaches or get sick. 

Here are some of the best things that you could do to help preserve the quality of the dog food and make sure that you won’t serve them unhealthy food: 

Store the food in a cold and dry place

The main concern when it comes to dog food is how to protect it from bacteria. If there are bacteria in the food you’re serving to your doggies; there's a considerable chance that they would go wrong and become dangerous for consumption. The health of our pooches is of utmost significance since it’s costly to visit the vet clinic and it’s saddening to see them in pain.

Bacteria usually flourish in humid or moist places. Moist appears when the temperature is higher than room temperature or when there’s water. The areas in your house like under the sink where there are water and your garage where the temperature is high should be avoided. A great place to store them would be at the kitchen closet where there would be no water, and the temperature is not too high.

Food Dispensers

Dispensers allow you to store the food safely without ruining the quality of the food. It contains the food and releases them when it’s feeding time. In the case of automatic food dispensers, they drop the food whenever your pup approaches the machine. Be wary of this if your pet dog is a heavy eater since they’d use up the container within days! Here are some of the best food dispensers you could buy for your dog:

Food Bowl and Water Dispenser for 3.5 L / 118.35oz

Food storage and feeding time have never been more accessible with a food dispenser that has a bowl along with it. Your dog could only come up and eat the food while it’s contained in a safe container far away from bacteria. It saves you the trouble of manually feeding them. Just make sure to clean the dispenser thoroughly every time it’s emptied!

Automatic Water & Feeder Dispenser

Another fantastic feeder dispenser that also dispenses water, this automatic water & feeder dispenser makes for an excellent feeding time of your doggies because they merely have to get close to eat. It’s a smaller container, decreasing the chances of getting it old since they empty efficiently. The smaller size makes it easier to clean also, keeping the bacteria away from the food.

Automatic Food Bowl Pet Feeder with Voice Message Recording

If you’re a busy person who goes outside to work on a daily basis, this automatic food dispenser that could record your voice is a fantastic way to entice your dog to eat on the correct time.

It could record at least 10 seconds of personal message dedicated to calling your pet every meal time that replays three times. You could personalize how much you’re going to serve every meal time which makes it harder for your dog to devour everything with a single meal.

45 days of usage

Once you open a bag of food, forget about the expiration date indicated at the container. The timer starts at the moment you open the bag in which it only takes 45 days for the dog food to spoil. Always remember that when you begin the bag of food, start counting until the 45th day. After that, consider the meal a waste since it’s probably contaminated and dangerous to the health of your furballs.

Use the original container

There’s a reason why dog foods are packed in that kind of container. It’s specifically made so that it would be able to store food for an extended period. Don’t make the same mistake as the others who place their food in a haphazard way such as in open air, continually opening the container just to get their meal, and putting it on a bag that’s susceptible to bacterial attack.

Seal the bag properly without any leak so that you won’t risk the food getting rotten and spoiled. After all, the safety of our dogs is the most crucial part in dog keeping.

Double the container

If you’re looking to use the original packet as the primary storage as compared to using dispensers, look for a secondary container that’s made of glass or stainless steel. This way, you could protect the food twice as much as compared to using the bag alone. A can is airtight, making sure that nothing would pass through as long as it’s not opened. 


When it comes to the food of our dog, we have to be meticulous about it since it’s a matter of life and death for our pooches. Always remember that everything they eat affects their body and health, making it a huge factor in their survival. We have to feed them at the proper time with proper proportions while avoiding to serve them stale and spoiled food. Just follow these practices for dog food storage, and you’re good to go!

Sarene Maev Butao
Sarene Maev Butao

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