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How To Socialize A Shy Cat?

by Albert John November 06, 2017

How To Socialize A Shy Cat?

Shy cats are completely normal, especially if you just adopted a new cat. However, do not worry. You could help your new pet overcome its anxiety and help her come out of its shell. It is just going to take a few patience and time. Here are several tips:

  • Know that it is neither her fault or yours

You took this kitten into your home with extremely great intentions, and there is a 99% possibility that nothing you did trigger the cat to react like that. It might have experienced a traumatic event or it might never have had the chance to be socialized properly.

  • Compassion and Patience

It could be annoying to try to help your kitten to no avail. You might even begin thinking about taking it back to the shelter. However, do not give up. Also, your compassion might give insight into what may help your cat.


  • Begin with a Tiny Space

Hopefully, you placed your cat in a tiny room when you brought it home – either a bathroom, a guest room, or anything similar – along with toys, litter boxes, water, food, and bedding. A shy kitten would better cope if she could familiarize with a tiny room first.

  • Keep it Down

A noisy video game, a party, or football games at a full volume are fun noises to you. However, it isn’t for your cat. Aside from having an extremely sensitive hearing, loud sounds frighten a shy cat too.

Albert John
Albert John

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