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How To Select A Puppy From A Pet Store

by Albert John June 26, 2017

How To Select A Puppy From A Pet Store

            Selecting a puppy in a pet store is no easy task if you could just adopt them all, I know you would. But I know you have limitations on your budget as well as energy to take care of them, so the reality is this, you have to choose one.

             The good thing is I will share some considerations to take that could help us on determining what puppy to adopt, and here they are.

  1. What’s your preference?

Do you have a preferred breed? If yes, then good, your choices narrow down greatly. But if, however, you don’t, you have to ask yourself on what kind of dog do you like. Some criteria you could take is the size of the dog, the color, or the kind of its coat.

  1. Research about the Puppy

If you have determined the breed or kind of dog that you would like to adopt, next thing to do is to research about the characteristics of this breed. Find information about the personality and needs of the puppy and assess if suits the atmosphere in your family.

  1. Inspect the Puppy

Inspecting the puppy means determining if it is healthy. The signs you could look for is if their eyes are bright, their skin is healthy as pink, there are no spots, and their coats doesn’t have fleas or other insects. The puppy should also be energetic and be cautious about pups that don't interact and display no energy because they might have health problems.

  1. What comes with the Puppy

The last thing you could do is to inquire what comes with your puppy. What this means is that you have to ask if whether it was already injected with shots and deworming. Also, if the pet store offers remedies for you if the puppy unexpectedly gets sick or dies after only a short time.

Albert John
Albert John

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