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How To Properly Put A Choke Collar On Your Dog?

by Albert John December 19, 2017

How To Properly Put A Choke Collar On Your Dog?

Applying a Dog Choke Collar

When you are putting a choke collar on your dog you want to place it properly so that your dog doesn’t become injured. When you properly put a choke collar on your dog it should be done like this. 

  1. The first thing you will do is to make sure you are standing in front of your dog. 
  2. You will then want to make it look like a P. This P should be horizontal. 
  3. The next thing you should do is put it over the neck of your dog. Make sure you are keeping that P shape as you are putting it over the head of your dog. 

If you have placed this correctly, the chain will pull through the ring. Keep in mind that if the chain becomes circled around the other parts of the chain, it is on improperly. You should attribute using a choke collar with fun situations so that your dog is not afraid or unhappy to put it on.


How To Use a Choke Collar

When you are using this type of choke collar, it will be simple. Keep in mind that when you are using this choke collar you should also use another normal collar as stated. This choke collar works by having a link that connects to the leash. The other ring will then go under the neck of the dog to connect. 

When the collar is placed properly, it should tighten when you put tension on the leash. It should also loosen when you let go of the leash. This should happen immediately. The pressure should be removed from the neck of your dog instantly. If it does not remove the pressure instantly, it is not placed properly.


Where should you attach a leash to a choke chain style collar?

When you are properly using a choke chain or choke collar it can allow dogs to behave properly and understand their transgression. However, it is a tool. Like any tool, they can be misused. If the collar is misused it can confuse the dog. You should always make sure you are timing your corrections properly to avoid confusion. If you are misusing the collar it could cause injury to your dog as well. 

You should pull and release lightly. This is how you use the chain. A simple small tug on the leash is all you need. The dog will feel the pressure and will then respond. Once they have responded, you should release the pressure or allow slack in the leash. If you want to apply a quick correction or choke, you would pull the leash quickly and let it go. Keep in mind that if the chain is tight consistently around the neck it is not placed properly. We cannot emphasize this enough.

Getting Help 

If you are still asking yourself how to put on a choke collar you may want to seek expert advice. You should contact a dog trainer or specialist. They will educate you so that you are using the choke collar properly. 

There are classes that will help you train your dog and learn how to use a choke collar properly. These classes will educate you on when to use it and how. They will show you different methods to use and when to use them. Knowing all the aspects of using a choke collar is essential to make sure you are not injuring your dog. Choke collars are used primarily to help train disobedient dogs. That is why participating in a class for obedience and learning to use a choke collar the right way may be a good idea.

Problems That May Arise

When you use a choke collar incorrectly it could result in injuries. When you are putting it the wrong way, such as backward, the chain cannot flow through the ring as it is supposed to. This could also be problematic because it has made a U shape. This will allow the collar to release but not as quickly as it should. This can be very dangerous. 

Sometimes you may be using the choke collar correctly, however, your dog is stubborn. Some stubborn breeds of dogs will continue to pull on their leash even though they are being choked. This can cause damage to the neck of your dog and could cause improper circulation to the tongue. This can cause the tongue to turn blue. 

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Albert John
Albert John

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