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How To Properly Pet A Dog

by Albert John November 27, 2017

How To Properly Pet A Dog

Yes, you have read it right. There is a wrong and right way to pet your pooch. Unluckily, a lot of us simply dive directly into petting dogs we don’t even know or we just met. Sometimes, we fail in reading the body language of our dog when they are telling us to stop.

So, how do you pet your pooch and understand its body language to know if it’s ok to pet it?

Luckily, dogs are quite accepting of our hugs and pets. However, it will not really want the same love from strangers. It is just similar to us. An acquaintance giving you a hug is very different from an unknown person coming up and giving you a hug.

But, if you are like other people, oftentimes you do not want a hug, even from your friend. Your pooch can be like you. So, how do you know if it’s okay to pet a dog? Well, typically, if the pooch is initiating the interaction that is a great starting place to start petting.

Certainly, do not attempt to begin petting it until it hints that it is okay when it comes to another pooch you do not know. Also, do not offer the dog your hand to sniff. It is not a great idea despite what many of us were taught.

Also, you need to watch the body language and position of the dog. We should not hover over pooches, as they may notice it as a threat.

Albert John
Albert John

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