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How To Prevent Your Dog From Licking Your Furniture?

by Albert John December 12, 2017

How To Prevent Your Dog From Licking Your Furniture?

Most of us find it cute and adorable when our dogs licks your face or chases his tail. However, the moment he begins liking furniture, you could possibly think that’s something is going on. Similar to humans, dogs can develop Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Learn why before you try stop them from licking things.


  • Go to your dog’s vet and know if there are any physical reasons why your dog behaves that way. Probably your dog has a viral or bacterial infection, an injury in the head or he may be a nervous dog.
  • Distinguish stressful situations. Dogs may repetitively lick objects when they experience stress. The moment you find your dog licking the moment he hears loud sounds, then, if possible, remove the sounds.
  • Help him learn tricks to focus his attention. Teaching your dog how to shake hands or sit takes some minutes every day for your dog to learn.
  • Catch his attention the moment you see him start to lick the furniture. Fill a Kong toy with a peanut butter or give him chew toys. Let him perform one of the tricks you taught him or play with him.
  • Give a lot of mental and physical stimulation. Take your dog on an everyday walks. Have him fetch a Frisbee or play tug-of-war. Physical activities will let your pup feel tired, which will make him avoid repetitive behaviors. Moreover, mental activities relieve anxiety and stress and can even stimulate your pup’s brain.



Albert John
Albert John

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