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How To Prevent Dog Bite

by Albert John May 22, 2017

How To Prevent Dog Bite

            Dogs are man’s best friends; they can be your sweetest and most loyal companion. But Dogs are only animals, they may love you, but they are not rational. Their animal instincts sometimes take over, and they can bite you or anyone.

              Every dog can bite you, not just the stray or unfamiliar ones, but even your own pet. But the likelihood of being bitten can be lessened if you take extra precaution, and here it is:

Prevention #1

              If you are in the presence of an unfamiliar and aggressive dog, what you have to do is to remain completely still, like a tree. It is also advisable to stand with your side facing the dog because facing the dog directly can intimidate them. You should not also look directly in their eyes, because they may interpret this as aggression.

Prevention #2

               You can also avoid being bitten by your pet dog if you don’t disturb him/her while he is eating, sleeping, or caring or playing with his puppies. You should also be extra careful on walking around the house because you might accidentally step on them and provoke them to bite you instinctively.

Prevention #3

              If, however, you, unfortunately, get bitten, wash the wound with running water and soap and then apply an antibiotic cream. If it is a stray dog that bit you, there is a high chance that it has rabies; to be sure and safe, go to the nearest health care provider as soon as possible and follow their recommendations.

    If you follow this simple information, your chances of getting bitten will dramatically go down. Just have the presence of mind to be calm and still. It is also better to take precaution by getting your pet dogs vaccinated and kept them, and their area cleaned and groomed.

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Albert John
Albert John

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