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How To Manage Cat Litter Tracking

by Albert John February 27, 2018

How To Manage Cat Litter Tracking

In your house, there are several things less appealing than walking around it and feeling tiny specs of kitty litter under your toes. Clearly, each kitty supply firm knows this and have made all types of widgets, gadgets, and technologies to manage cat litter tracking. However, here are several ideas to control them.

1.) Utilize High-Sided Litter Box

Your cat is possibly spreading kitty litter all over the area if your cat likes to dig. One of the greatest answer with these types of cats is to utilize a tote that is high-sided with an entrée on one side. Smoothen the edges of the entrance to avoid injuries and discomfort.

2.) Get a Great Litter mat

A great litter mat should be 1-foot longer than the box to provide your kitty adequate space to get the litter off her paws before it runs around your home. A litter mat is a type of mat with a surface that has a texture similar to a loofah sponge. This would trap the litter grains as your kitty walks out the litter box.

3.) Keep a Broom or Cleaner Handy

You would still have several cat litter grains, even with a high-sided litter box and a litter mat. That is why you should keep a broom and dustpan or cordless, tiny vacuum cleaner near the litter box. Each day, give the place around it a quick vacuum or sweep. Remember, do not use the vacuum if your cat is still littering.

Albert John
Albert John

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