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How to Handle a Stray Cat

by Albert John July 07, 2017

How to Handle a Stray Cat

If you found a stray cat, what would you do to it? Would you ignore the poor cat? or would you take a risk and help it? If you consider doing the latter, here are steps how to handle a stray cat.

Check if it is really a stray cat.

You can identify them through observation. These cats haven’t learned to make eye contact with humans or even meow. Usually, their coats are well-kept and clean since these kinds of cats are used to taking care of themselves.

Have the cat fixed.

You should take the cat to the nearest veterinarian to be neutered or spayed when the cat you found doesn’t have a clipped ear.

Have the cat overnight.

Commonly, cats require 24 hours to recover from the surgery. Meanwhile, other female cats need 48 hours. Keep the cage or trap covered and place it in a temperature-controlled room because cats that are recovering from anesthesia can’t regulate body temperature. Monitor the cat closely and, as much as possible, keep the room as quiet as you can without any disturbance.

Release the Cat.

A feral cat that’s already adult can’t almost be able to socialize enough to be an indoor pet. Place the tarp back to the similar location where you trapped it, open and pause until the feral cat walks out on its own.

Assist the feral cat.

You may leave out water and food near the place where you trapped the cat if you would like to help. These kinds of cats are weak in cold climates. They may use from a source of liquid water (a heated water) and shelter in winter.

Albert John
Albert John

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