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How To Clean Up Dog Pee?

by Albert John October 03, 2017

How To Clean Up Dog Pee?


  • Get to your dog’s pee while it is still wet.

The faster you clean it up, the less likely it will have a lingering smell. By doing this, you have to put newspaper, paper towels or an absorbent chamois under and on top of the messed are. Do not rub, instead blot it until all the moisture is already removed. Then, blot that similar area with a clean water.


  • When it has already dried up, you can try these steps:

Do not use a steam cleaner. I’m sure you will want to use one thinking it’ll make things easier and better. The truth is, it won’t. The heat will only revive the smell, which will make things worse. Instead, you must use a wet-vac on these spots. You can use a pet odor neutralizer or you may also try using the natural solution of covering the area overnight with baking soda and blotting with a water/vinegar solution in the morning. Also, to help with stubborn areas, use hydrogen peroxide.

 Another means to remove it is through using a synthetic pheromone spray, diffuser, or wipe. This will mimic the natural pheromones of a dog and can help with anxiety. Train with positive reinforcement for your dog to utilize a particular area of the yard as his own bathroom, and encourage his actions with a command.

 When all else become a failure, call out the professionals. Carpet cleaners will frequently charge more for pee-stained areas but it is worth it.

Albert John
Albert John

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