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How to Choose The Best Cat Clothes

by Sarene Maev Butao August 20, 2019

How to Choose The Best Cat Clothes

Choosing The Best Cat Clothing for Your Feline

Cats and clothes, do they go well together? Of course, they do! There’s nothing wrong with sprucing up your cat with a little bit of fashion. Some might say, “They already have fur!”, but how about during the colder seasons? I know fur is not enough to keep them warm. No wonder cats, or any other animal, will always find a place to snuggle in, mainly in your closet.

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Besides protection for the colder months, we always want to make our feline friend look snazzy. Of course, dressing up your cats can be pretty dangerous. For sure, you will end up with dozens of scratches in your arms in the process. But if you want to take the risk, choosing the right clothing will save you from trouble.

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Cotton Cat Shirt

With that said, here are three key things to keep in mind in selecting the best clothing for your cat.

  • Comfortability
    • The main reason why cats will go on a rage while wearing clothes because they are not comfortable with it. Maybe it’s too loose or too tight? You don’t want them to look like an angry walking potato. That’s why comfortability deserves the first place on this spot. Material plays a vital role when it comes to comfortability, which gets us to point number two. 
  • Material
    • Different cat clothing comes in various fabrics, and it’s better to opt for one that suits best for your cat. There might be certain fabrics that can be itchy for them or others that can trigger an allergic reaction. That’s why choosing the right material/fabric is essential. Here are three examples below: 
    • Acrylic fabric – a special fabric that keeps your cat warm.
    • Polyester – a soft and breathable material that is comfortable to wear.
    • Acrylic yarn – a soft and warm material that is easy to wash.
  • Washability
    • Washing cat clothes don’t need to be a chore. The third thing you should keep in mind is its washability. As stated above, acrylic yarn is a material that is easy to wash, so you should opt for that one when shopping for your feline’s wardrobe. However, that doesn’t mean that the rest is bad. After all, you have the choice to pick what you desire anyway. 
  • Movability
    • Cats are like ninjas. They like to wander around, jump here, run there, or do extra stunts out of nowhere. For short, they are active animals; that’s why you need to opt for cat clothes that lets them move freely and easily. Letting them wear something too heavy or too tight is like taking their freedom away from being the cat ninja they used to be. 
  • Design
    • Lastly, design comes into play. Should you let your cat wear with sleeves, or without sleeves? Lush colors or pastel ones? When choosing a design, make sure that it compliments with the color of your cat. It can be a bit awkward when you let your black cat wear black clothes. You’ll be having a hard time finding them when the lights go out, and I’m sure of it.

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    Sarene Maev Butao
    Sarene Maev Butao

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