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How to Choose The Best Cage For Your Dog

by Albert John June 29, 2017

How to Choose The Best Cage For Your Dog

One of the most expensive things you will buy for your dog is his cage. I’m sure you’re having a hard time deciding what type of dog cage will you get for him. Should you choose plastic, soft-sided, or the metal ones? Choosing the best cage for your dog depends on several factors. Now I will show you the pros and cons of three different types of cages:

1.) Plastic

  • Pros. Plastic cages are usually thought as “pretty durable”. Also, it is easy to clean out since you can purely hose them off. They give your dog with more of the feeling of being in a “den” since the sides are mostly solid.

  • Cons. They can be easily chewed by determined dogs since they are made of plastic. Moreover, plastic can absorb odors. Thus, over time, you cannot remove the “dog smell."

2.) Metal

  • Pros. This type is fold-able like the soft-sided cage, which makes easier to transport a dog on a vacation and it’s also easy to clean like the plastic ones. Your dog will have a hard time breaking their way out with this cage. Also, metal does not absorb odors.

  • Cons. It rusts after some time. Although it can be folded flat, this type is the heaviest of the three types.
Albert John
Albert John

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