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How To Appropriately Satisfy Feline Hunting Instincts

by Albert John November 02, 2017

How To Appropriately Satisfy Feline Hunting Instincts

You may not appreciate that an immense hunter prowls just beneath your cat’s fluffy coat as you glimpse over at it sprawling quietly. Felines are born to hunt, though almost every domesticated cat that lives indoors hardly get to pamper its cat hunting instinct.

Just like zoo animals, cats require environmental enrichment and stimulation. Several felines just become bored at the house. However, others become unsatisfied by the incapability to do what naturally comes – hunt, exercise, and explore. That hindrance could lead to interactive issues at your house.

Several felines are just more predatory naturally. Several felines are completely lazy and some are more hunters. Just like there are several dogs that do not want to chase balls and there are some that really want to. Particularly, Bengal cats have a large amount of energy. They are very smart and they are very great hunters. These cats are special. However, they aren’t for homeowners who just want a cat to pet.

Every pet needs to be engaged and stimulated. However, cats require environmental enrichment the most. A dog goes for trips and walks to the park, and a lot escort their owners to coffee shops, restaurants and sometimes on vacation. On the other hand, cats aren’t so much. Companies that make pet toys understand this and are continually producing groundbreaking toys to engage felines at their house.

Each cat is unique. One cat may find a certain toy exciting and fun. However, another cat may completely ignore it.

Albert John
Albert John

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