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How To Appropriately Play With Your Cat

by Albert John November 08, 2017

How To Appropriately Play With Your Cat

Here are some tips for cat playtime to add the fun of your cat, lessen the risk of probable misbehavior and distract your cat from bad habits.


  • Play like her prey.

Exercising your cat’s drive to hunt or prey drive with an interactive play is an important part of the development of your cat and it greatly contributes to her life quality. When you utilize an interactive cat toy like a wand, feather or a mouse on a string, move the toy similarly to what it is expected to represent.


  • Timing is everything.

The natural life cycle of a cat generally includes eating, hunting and sleeping. A playtime before supper could boost a good appetite. When your cat wakes you up in the middle of the night, a 15 up to 20-minute playtime session before you sleep could aid your cat to sleep through up until morning.


  • Let your cat win.

It is really essential to allow your cat “catch” her prey during playtime session. Or else, your cat will be frustrated and she could possibly stop playing with you or respond to her unfulfilled urges.


  • Never use your fingers when you play with your cat.

Sure, it looks cute to see a small kitten attempting to bite your finger using her small teeth. However, it won’t be cute at all the moment she is already full-grown.


  • Make positive substitute to naughty behavior.

When you have a cat that usually attacks ankles, keeps an interactive toy with you every time. The moment she is hurting your legs, you can distract her with an interactive toy. Repeat this consistently so that your cat will be able to learn her prey drive on the toy instead of your feet.

Albert John
Albert John

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